Strategic Alliances

Today started about the same as anyone involved in production agricultural, this time of year. Coffee, local daily weather, long range weather, and a quick glance at the news.  After my first cup of coffee cleared the fog I was reminded an old Chinese proverb, “May you live in interesting times”. Between government policies, the presidential primaries, (both sides), El Nino and La Nina, I have to wonder about that old saying….

Another cup of coffee and I came across this –

We all know what this means to the irrigation industry. More hours on equipment, more storms with potential damage to both equipment and crops, and a short application windows. Bottom line – it comes down to reliability and serviceability.    Like all of you your partners, at Pierce have spent our winter preparing for what we saw in the long range forecast. We are in the final stages of a strategic alliance. This alliance will give our customers the largest, strategically placed parts inventory in North America. We have also placed whole goods in strategic locations across the nation. We believe this pre-planning will serve the farming industry very well and also well into the future. All of our farmers have to keep one eye on the weather forecast and one eye on the bottom line. At Pierce Corporation, we believe we have to be a partner in those activities.

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