The CP600 Corner System utilizes the latest mechanized control technology to increase yields and ultimately, profits.

Using variable frequency drives on the corner tower and end tower, feedback from the flexible linear slide joint connector synchronizes the speed of the corner span with the pivot to provide continuous move operation as it squares the parcel.

The monitoring and control system determines how much water is required during acceleration or deceleration based on speed feedback from the Variable Frequency Drives. As the system speeds up and slows down during extension and retraction, the control algorithm adjusts the water application automatically to control under and over watering.

The addition of a unique “acceleration sprinkler pack” applies additional water as necessary during heavy acceleration into the corners to prevent under watering and increase yields.

A summary of the product features is as follows:

  • Constant Move End Tower and Corner Span
  • Variable Frequency Drive for Motor Control
  • Industrial PLC Control with HMI
  • Acceleration/Deceleration Sprinkler Package Optimizes Water Usage
  • Buried Wire or GPS Guidance
  • Unique Linear Slide Mechanism Couples the End Tower to the Corner Span
  • 5′ Maximum Span Length Including Overhang
  • Inverter Duty Rated 1.75HP Drive Motors
  • Heavy-Duty Drive Train is Corner Rated
  • Wide Stance Wheel Base